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Hotel bookings - Tips and Tricks

From Windmills To Diamonds: Travel To Holland

Tulips, windmills and wooden shoes might still be a draw to this Dutch region for some travelers; however, Holland is a far more versatile locale with an international and maritime history extending farther back than most of the rest of Europe, including the establishment of New Amsterdam as a major trading city, which became New […]

Travel to Barcelona: A Country within a Country

The distinctive regional culture of Barcelona is largely due to geography and a plentitude of national pride and elitism. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, one of Spain’s 17 semi-autonomous states. The regional language is Catalan, along with the national language of Castilian Spanish. There has long been pressure from the Catalonian government and nationalists […]

Travel To Bali, Indonesia – a beautiful island

Traveling to Indonesia is definitely a trip you will never forget.Plan for a long ride to get there, as it is a 31 hour flight from New York. Bali is a wonderful area with an array of fun filled activities to choose from. It is the main tourist area of Indonesia. The people of Bali […]

Toronto Travel Tips

One of my favorite vacation spots is Toronto, Canada. Coming from the city of Detroit, it is only about three and half hours away. It is a straight shot up the 401 highway once your cross the border in Detroit. Toronto has often been called the New York City of Canada. I think it lives […]

Travelling through South America: Lima, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires

South America is home to lands of fierce mountainous beauty, traces of ancient civilisations, superb tropical coastlines, alluring food and music, and pulsating festivals – in short everything your need for the ultimate travel experience. Lima Peru’s sprawling capital sits in the center of the country’s desert coastline. It’s a grimy, polluted place but one […]

Travelling Thailand: 5 Top Destinations

With several sights to see and surprises to offer, Thailand could be one of the best locations you should not miss to visit. Culture, beaches, people, and heritage sites are some of the things you can expect when you travel to Thailand. Bangkok – Traveling Thailand would not be complete without visiting Bangkok. As the […]